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"I had my car break down on the freeway. AAA towed it to the dealership. When the quote came back too high to even consider I called ATCO to tow my car to another shop down the street. ATCO was able to schedule me in for the same day and at a very reasonable price. Service was professional and friendly. I would definitely call them again if I needed another tow." -- Juan C.

"When a customer broke down on our property we called ATCO. They responded quickly and the driver was a good man to work with. He helped turn a bad situation into a pleasant one. The customer was pleased with the service provide and although he car had to be towed away he left happy. Customer service is an important part of our service and working with ATCO made this situation end on a bright note. I would use them again and would refer ATCO to anyone in need." -- Alan S.

"This summer I was being evicted from my home. It was one of those 100* days and I was stressed and exhausted. I needed to have my broken down Mercedes, filled with my personal belongings towed from the property. When the driver arrived he was on time, courteous, and so helpful. He was so understanding of my situation he let me sit in the air conditioned truck, playing my Rolling Stones CD, while he hooked things up. We arrived cool and refreshed, from the water he carried and generously offered, and the driver promptly set about unhooking my car. He drove into the sunset, but quickly returned with my Stones CD, Gimmie Shelter"a true gentlemen. He said his name was "Murphy". They are the only tow company I will ever use." -- Kitty R.